STL Saint Louis Skyliine

STL Skyline ©DWP


For over 30 years David W Preston has worked on assignments in over 180 cities, 7 countries that have included architecture, corporate, sports, conventions, and journalism.  Images have appeared in annual reports, magazines, ads, billboards, trading cards and sports memorobilia, web sites, and a host of other published efforts.  Each assignment is approached with the same creative energy and focus to provide the optimal image conveying a prescribed message to peak the interest of the consumer.  Images that have lasting impact such as the winning touchdown at SB XXXIV, a compelling close-up of Pope John Paul II, a dramatic overall of a NCAA Wrestling Championship, or a natural beauty of a wine and the environment it was grown.  Responding to the expectations of my clients I have shown an ability to provide unique, meaningful imagery in the assignments entrusted to me.